By Rachel Fuhrman

With the bizarre 2020–2021 school year behind us and as we prepare for our own summer respite here at Tales from the Classroom, we are excited and hopeful as we look to the future! We know that many parents have been concerned about the impact this year has had on their children. While there may have been many challenges, the most important thing is that our children feel safe and supported during uncertain times. As we move into a space where safety is readily available for all, we are ready to once again focus on educational content…

By Estelle Willie and Jessica Little

Congressional passage of the Biden Administration’s American Rescue Plan Act is an important step toward safely reopening K-12 schools. The legislation provides $130 billion for implementing public health protocols, including funding for improved ventilation, socially-distanced classrooms, PPE and additional staff support that would enable the reopening of K-12 schools. The President has announced a goal of getting at least a portion of the nation’s K-12 students back in school within his first 100 days in office.

There is no time to waste in meeting these goals. An estimated 51 million U.S. school children have…

By Jessica Terlick

Jessica Terlick is a presenter, life education coach, podcaster, and head of the Lead and Inspire community who has been in education for over a decade. Through her work with Lead and Inspire, workshops, speaking events, and podcast Mums Who Want More, she provides wellness support for women around the world. This story is a cross-post from her blog.

As teachers, we’ve all fielded the slightly aggressive comments about our “holidays” and a general feeling from others that we shouldn’t complain as we finish work at 3pm.

Yeah right. Did you just fall off your chair laughing?!

By Larisa Gray, Jeremy Harrison, & Nate Miller

Pedagogical Musings: Pedagogy Nerd Out is a multi-part series that features three teachers who have taken control of their own professional development with an aim to offer a new vision for teacher collaboration, empowerment, meaning making, and student success. This series gets you inside a teacher-created learning space that strives to encourage creativity, foster innovation, and inspire teachers to be their absolute best.

We were sitting in a Google Meet Professional Development, listening to all the teachers in our school introduce themselves and share ‘how they felt’ in preparation for a culture…

By Brandi Bellacicco

In light of the racial and social unrest in the last year, many educators are seeking better ways to serve all students. As I grow my own practice, I spend a lot of time reflecting on exactly how I serve my students. Being a culturally responsive educator is not easy, but it is essential. It takes time to unpack personal biases and challenge the norm. For white educators in particular, it may even feel like an abstract task — how exactly do we dismantle and challenge unconscious biases in ourselves and our schools? What is appropriate in…

By L.A. Cowden

Recent events in race relationships, such as the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Daunte Wright, Ma’Khia Bryant, and countless more, and the publication by Ibram X Kendi’s (2019) best-selling book — How To Be an Antiracist — have renewed an interest and curiosity in antiracism. Kendi (2019) argues people either act in racist or antiracist ways, and, because racism is so prevalent in society, a person cannot remain neutral in this binary choice. In fact, claiming to be “not racist” does not make you antiracist; rather, unless a person is actively working to ensure that their…

By Mary Docken

This invited cross-post by Mary Docken originally appeared on Intellispark’s Our Thoughts blog.

Six experienced K-12 educators reflect on the needs of their students and what this year has taught them about the importance of knowing, supporting, and appreciating each student.

The 2020–2021 school year will long be remembered as the year of COVID. At every twist and turn, the only constant seems to have been whatever you are planning would be changed due to circumstances beyond your control.

School leaders, teachers, and student support professionals have done a herculean job of leading, teaching, and supporting the…

By Abigail Lund

Dear Teacher,

Wherever you are, you have had quite the year.

You have reinvented the wheel more times than you can count. You possibly have quarintained multiple times due to close contact with your students. You have taught online, online and in person, in person and online and any other combinations that are out there. You have probably worked more hours, cried more tears, and felt more pressure than is fair. And I am here to say…

I see you, and I understand.

You have converted all your lessons to online platforms while your family sleeps. You…

This edition of Visions of Good Education features teacher and host of the 1st Gen Teacher Lens podcast Alex Calderon. The 1st Gen Teacher Lens, which is a part of the Teach Better Network, is a podcast aimed to support teachers of all backgrounds. Mr. Calderon is a first-generation American and professional who shares the story of his journey on his podcast while covering salient issues in K-12 education.

Visions of Good Education Spotlight Interview Topics In this Visions of Good Education segment, Alex Calderon discussed the following topics:

  1. His background in K-12 education as a student and as an…

By Forrest Evans

Circulation is currency to a library and also reflects a community’s needs, and interests. Yet, many educators still struggle to provide a proper representation of great Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and LGBTQ+ literature, and resources, to readers. Even during the global pandemic and amongst any recent racial, and social, injustices — educators are looking for resources to support their readers. Educators, teachers, librarians, and school administrators often struggle to provide a non-biased circulation of literature, without including specific or implicated bias. It is vital for little minds and scholars to gain a greater understanding…

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