This edition of Visions of Good Education features Deonna Smith, founder of the Educational Justice Working Group. Deonna Smith is a longtime educator who has served students across grade-levels, contents, and roles as both a classroom teacher and administrator. She is also a fierce advocate for educational equity through both anti-racist and abolitionist education. Follow Deonna on Instagram to learn more!

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Visions of Good Education Spotlight Interview Topics

In the Visions of Good Education segment, interviewer Rachel Fuhrman and Deonna Smith discussed the following topics:

  1. Her journey into the education sector
  2. The shift away from “colorblindness” in classrooms
  3. The impact…

It’s hard to keep your kids active when they’re doing everything at home. We’re sharing our favorite tips to practice yoga with your kids, from a safe distance.

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By The fit Team at Sanford Health

Bodies benefit from regular physical activity and it’s more important than ever to keep kids moving while they’re learning from home. We talked with Katrina Anderson, a Family Life Educator and certified children’s yoga instructor from Sanford Health CHILD Services, about distance learning yoga and how you can implement it anywhere!

Yoga is designed to bring mental, physical, and emotional health and balance through body…

My name is Ash Curmi and I am an eight year primary school teacher and former PE teacher from QLD, Australia. I currently teach Year 5/6 and have also taught Year 3 for a number of years. My classroom is known around the school as “the basketball classroom.” I’m cool with this. In my career, I always strive to place an emphasis on student growth not just academically, but socially and personally.

Some might say encouraging growth on a social and personal level seems inevitable in the teaching profession. We know that relationship building is paramount for effective teaching and…

By Lindsey Johnson

Recently I was asked what I believed to be the number one issue facing my students. Without hesitation, I responded with one word — trauma. Even before remote learning, social distancing, and pandemics, trauma was impacting many of our students daily. Adding the fear and uncertainty that was brought by 2020 only increased the level trauma many were already experiencing or introduced new trauma to others who may not have been previously affected.

Like it or not, trauma or not, we are still expected to teach. Our students are expected to learn. Truthfully, the burden is even…

The Tale Teller’s Spotlight gets you inside the minds of the most influential thinkers in education. Here we will talk about the work they are doing and share with you the newest trends, important changes, and essential information you need to know about K-12 education. The recorded interviews are formatted as short yet insightful interviews that highlight the work of the best authors and researchers in education.

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This edition of Tale Teller’s Spotlight features Naim Sanders, author of several books including The Beautiful Struggles of Teaching and his latest A Sacred Place For Learning: Teaching, Leading & Culture. Mr. …

In this four-part series, teacher Gene Deary reflects on what he has learned in his seven years as a teacher when it comes to connecting with students. Mr. Deary shares anecdotes and reflections on building rapport with students.

By Gene Deary

Don’t just teach in the classroom

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the day is to walk down to the van line. The kids who take the van are typically the ones in the special education program that I am a teacher for. They are also usually the last ones to leave because they…

By Kelley Zebrowski

Kelly Zebrowski is a high school teacher in a public school and a member of the Tales from the First Year team featuring first-year teachers sharing their journeys to becoming seasoned professionals. In this flash post, Ms. Zebrowski examines the line between entertaining students and engaging them in order to get them to buy into what she is doing in the classroom.

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Entertainment or engagement? This is a question I have just now realized I have been struggling with. Teenagers have no problem voicing their opinion if they are bored, or if something is not fun (they…

By David Mercaldo

Angela Davis said, “In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.” As an educator and scholar of history living in the United States of America, I know that I am living in a racist society, but I should have known this earlier in life. I was taught from an early age to be kind to others and to be non-racist. I was not initially taught the wise words by Angela Davis and I wouldn’t learn them until I was a young adult.

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As an elementary student in Cape Cod, Massachusetts…

By Rachel Jorgensen

This post originally appeared on Intellispark’s Our Thoughts blog and was the inspiration for an webinar on October 7, 2020. You can watch the edWebinar and receive a CE certificate for doing so.

COVID-19 causes a level of uncertainty in the natural rhythm of what it means to be in school for teachers and students. An experienced educator offers five strategies for teachers to come together to support the success of their students during this unpredictable time.

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Schools are currently wrestling with the correct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The debate about returning to brick and mortar classrooms has been fraught with passionate opinions and unclear answers. Teachers, administrators, and government leaders strive to offer students and families an optimal education while maintaining physical safety. …

Tales from the First Year is a series chronicling the journey of seven first-year teachers as they learn, succeed, fail, and grow as educators. You will be able to read first-hand accounts of beginning teachers as they start their career during a global pandemic that will require them to teach in a virtual, hybrid, and in face-to-face environments. Our seven teachers include:

  • Amberleigh Starr: a middle school teacher in a STEM school
  • James Button: a high school teacher in a public school
  • Jessa Reed: an elementary school teacher in a public school
  • Kelley Zebrowski: a high school teacher in a…

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